don’t mix benadryl and pokemon

to begin with, the night before was probably two hours sleep if lucky. the entire day, only a 1/2 hour nap. took a benadryl at ten and one more around midnight ’cause i was still too awake. my son was camping on the living room floor still (sans tent this time) (and yes he stays up too late too) and there was a pokemon movie on to lull him to sleep. and i discovered if you are drifting off to diphenhydramine (especially after the day i had), your mind will take the audio portion of the cartoon and make its own, completely unrelated and annoyingly nonsensical movie out of it. not even a cartoon. a movie with people. and animals. none of whom i recognized, thankfully. because i didn’t like any of them. matter of fact, i loathed them.

fortunately, the second time that loathing roused me from my stupor, the kid had passed out. i had a beastly hard time figuring out the remote control — by the time i got the thing turned off it was closed captioned and in spanish, i believe, and something odd was going on in the picture-in-picture.

woke up several times during the night, extremely hungry. remember eating: cookies, chunk of monterey jack cheese, and cereal, possibly twice. woke up for the final time when the friggin’ gardeners came with their power tools to bang them against the side of the house. (think i’m exaggerating? one of these days i’ll get a microphone for this puter and i’ll prove it to you.) there is no way to sleep through the coming of the gardeners.

so here i am. happy to be annoyed and alive. good morning!

16 thoughts on “don’t mix benadryl and pokemon

  1. dang, similar experience for me this morning. woke up at 7:30 am and just had to drive 30 minutes for some Krispy Kreme…..almost fell asleep driving home, but I had my precious doughnuts….

  2. I demand that all discussions of Krispy Kremes stop this instant. No more pictures of Krispy Kremes, no more elegies to Krispy Kremes.

    It makes me want some Krispy Kremes, and that’s just wrong, dammit.

  3. so it would be upsetting for you, jadedju, if i were to say that when i finish this pizza i’m seriously considering cruising over to Krispy Kreme to pick up a dozen assorted, heavy on the cheesecake filled?

  4. Lets see.
    Cough medicine and seeing “The Music Explosion” sing “A Little Bit of Soul” with a strobe light…

  5. we know where say-say’s mind is this eveing…

    the gardeners just aren’t that hot though, it’s a family business, and they’re all like four foot nine or something.

  6. funny, i haven’t eaten any, yet there are only six left. around here, you have to be quick to get donuts.

    and the police can get their own dang donuts, dangit.

  7. I have the best time watching coordinated and talented people try to do mundane, everyday things while under the influence of alcohol or cold medicine.

    And as for the whole “waking up hungry or thirsty” thing… that happens to me all the time when I’m not feeling well. Hopefully you’re feeling better, despite being annoyed. 🙂

  8. [singing] he was once a little green (hunk? chunk? blob?) of clay. gumby! but you should see what gumby can do today. gumby!

    wow. memories.

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