don’t panic

cindy crawford and neil gaiman were prominently featured in a murder plot in my dream. (i would dreamlog these things but i’m actually trying not to remember too many details).

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i remember being told that daily affirmations were supposed to be positive statements — but what if an important part of my day is wanting not to do things? what if the not doing is important to me? i have to sit here and figure out ways of twisting the phrases so they don’t contain negatives? how about double negatives, don’t those cancel one another out? ahh, hell, i’m tossing rules to the winds. here are some affirmations:

i will not twist Faith’s words today (see? if i’d twisted that one i’d be off to a bad start). i will be productive at work (again, i’m on a roll here). i will not panic (no matter how prudent that course of action may seem). i will not hurt, maim, or kill anyone, in spite of the raging lack of nicotine in my body. i may yell at a few people though. that’s reasonable. i will be reasonable today! or, i will try not to be unreasonable, at least. and i will not become despondent if lowering my expectations becomes inevitable. i will probably be a sarcastic ass in several situations today. i am ok with that.

the road to good intentions is paved with… ahh, hell.

13 thoughts on “don’t panic

  1. I much prefer the quote “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of priests.” Apparently the Catholic Church is trying to add lanes to the road right now.

  2. Is it the one where Cindy kills Tori Amos and Neil Gaiman teams up with Angela Lansbury? I like that one. Especially the part with the bed knob.

    My all purpose daily affirmation is to ‘be a donkey, not an ass’.

  3. Why does a daily affirmation need to be positive? Sure, if you want to nit pick an affirmation is usually interpreted as positive, but it also defined as “a solemn and formal declaration or assertion in place of an oath.” I think this is along the lines of my not-do lists, so I may be biased….

  4. “not do” lists. those sound like my kind of lists!

    and i think i got the impression from a person i used to consider kind of a guru, for lack of a better explanation. she told me affirmations didn’t work if they had negative words in them, which made it all so confusing, i just gave that up.

  5. Monday II: Attack Without Warning or When Good Days Go Bad…

    Not To Do
    -buy another fish
    -toss my money into the wind to see it fly
    -go to Target (but maybe tomorrow tho)
    -run away with the Gypsies and live a mad, foolish life in a caravan…

    What IS in this Coke…

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