drunk on happy

who needs three martinis? here’s the recipe: take one buick with v6 and nice radio, add cheesy popsongs and a short sweet drive in the breezy sunshine; yields two tacos, several stuffed jalape?os (my latest addiction, so much so i have the ? thingy memorized on the keyboard). digressing…

now, the popsongs. first, living on a prayer (bon jovi) sing along with me oh, we’re halfway there, ohoh, living on a prayer. yeah, admit it, you know the words. then, lemme see, oh yeah, celine dion. won’t admit i liked it. can’t explain how i know most of the words, you know she’d be ok if she had a decent lyricist. as it is, it had a nice beat i could car-dance to it. so i order my greasy-spicys and i’m waiting for my food and that song “riding on the metro” by — who was it? blonde chick with a band… i’ll think of it. anyway, had to wait in the parking lot, rockin out, singing real loud and bouncing just a bit, when the food-bringer got to my window, and he looked at me kinda funny. i neither cared nor missed a beat. oh yeah! berlin! ok now. my food smells good, the music is loud, and the first person with the opportunity to do so lets me in traffic! euphoria, to the extent i’m a little misty eyed as i step on the gas and mmmm, power. i arrive back at work just as another song is starting up, something by the romantics, i forget — remember, i’ve got a we bit of a buzz happenin’. i was tempted to sit in the car and listen some more, but i came in just to blog this for you. and now my keyboard is all greasy, and i’m still silly happy.

[sigh] now back to work. lunch did rock, though!

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