floaty and strange

definitely floaty. the strangeness is nothing unusual, of course.

thought, maybe it’s blood sugar. so, large cream of broccoli soup in a bread bowl. whoever thought of this bread bowl thing is a genius, not only is it sensationally tasty, but a wonderful overall food experience. ripping the soup-soaked bread, carefully around the edges, devouring it with wolflike appetite and making an animal mess of myself.

oh, there is no doubt some sort of reserved, polite way to eat this sort of thing, but i would never bother with it — i like to dig in with my hands.

still a little floaty around the edges, but the soup and bread have formed a warm center of gravity inside me, such a happy thing. i love food.

17 thoughts on “floaty and strange

  1. Reread Dan’s post from the point of view that to “bonk” means to engage in sexual relations.

  2. To ‘bonk’ in itself does seem to infer some sort of ritualistic activity, however I always thought the accurate term for sexual relations was ‘boink’.

  3. i took the term “bonk” in this case to mean, some sort of crash, like, hitting the proverbial wall — but it is a wonderfully evocative little word, that could be taken so many ways. i love that in a word.

  4. I love the bread bowls, but don’t get Xkot started on the subject. 🙂 (ask him about it, I’m sure he’ll be glad to enlighten you on his feelings about bread bowls)

  5. I like making bread bowls. It’s fun. Problem is, sometimes I make all these bread bowls, nothing to put in them.

    I’m so bad with soup.

  6. i am rather fond of thirty-eight myself. i will never cease to be amazed by what that code does to these words.

    cmdr taco = personal hero o’mine.

  7. here are some olympic ones, no longer timely, but:

    Working Out With Pocket Hercules

    Polishing the Love Javelin

    Diving off the Half-Meter Headboard

    Playing “Hide the Torch”

    Curling (her toes)

    Carrying the Flag for Team Coitus

    The 2-Minute Freestyle Floor Exercise

    Passing the Meat Baton

    The 20-Centimeter 1×2 Medley

    Exploring the Land Down Under

    Competing in the Humptathlon

    Fencing with the Shorter Epee

    Synchronized Squirming

    Completing the Orifice Triathlon

    Earning a 10.0 from the Judge from Ejacuador

    The Purple-Chapeaud Flag Bearer Leading His Delegation Into the Olympic Stadium

  8. oh, now i miss breadbowls. that word is funny, isn’t it? breadbowls? sounds like a slang word for testicles.

    anyway, i used to eat soup in those bread bowls all the time, when i was in college and dining regularly at au bon pain in 30th street station. not exactly a gourmet experience, but damn if mushy bread isn’t the best thing on earth.

    how can i possibly be getting hungry at 1:22am? kd, my thighs will blame you for this. they’re making my brain look too skinny.

  9. floaty… i get that way when i bonk. i did that this morning when my breakfast didn’t last through the morning. it’s a weird place to be and i have to get food fast when i’m there or my mental processes get all funky.

    eating is good.

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