it was time to get out. no need to pack the trunk, it’s ever ready for beaching. just one stop for provisions in the course of a five minute drive, and we were there.

it was a KTYD rock block weekend, so we listened on the solar-powered freeplay radio and found some cool rocks while we were digging in the sand. great thing about the beach is that the very earth is so much fun, ever changing and never boring. you can sit in a driftwood lean-to, slightly sheltered from the brisk wind, and just enjoy the view.

do you know that i forgot my inhaler? and it did not matter. the air was pure and clear and i could breathe, and i did breathe, and it was good.

i got my toes in the sand, and it was very, very good. kurtwood also got his toes in some sand, is there anything more perfect than toes in sand on a sunny sunday afternoon? hardly.

KTYD played great music. desperado, why don’t you come to your senses? i have no answer for that one but then they played some stones and then some great cuts from pink floyd’s the wall. our walls were very different, and the perspecitve was thrilling. our roof was pretty cool too, it showed us the sky in places.

some people and dogs walked past, they looked at us, i smiled, they didn’t smile back. so i took their picture after they stopped looking at us. oh! and a sailboarder who had sailed past earlier, walked past, heading upwind, to start over.

also (and there are no pictures) i taught my son how to pee in public. first i figured on windspeed and direction, factored in shelter from prying eyes, and instructed him how to aim. we were far from bathrooms, so this worked out well.

we left at the point where kurt expressed tiredess and besides, the can of foster’s i’d been sipping became uncomfortable for me. nice long walk back to the car, five minutes driving home, back to the usual weekend afternoon on our computers.

but we got out, and it was good.

10 thoughts on “healing

  1. Good for you!! Now that’s what I call getting out. How wonderful it must be to have a beach five minutes away.

  2. it’s a miraculous place to live. i took so little advantage of it for so long, but now? it’s my salvation.

  3. get out! get out! out is good. get out of wherever you are and be… out!

    out is good.

    and when you get back from out, drink. it’s what i’ve been doing. and it’s good.

  4. all those rocks! my goodness sakes.

    and those people! few things enrage me, but one that does is people who don’t smile back or say hi when i do. i may yet turn into a homicidal maniac.

  5. we totally played with all the rocks. we put them in piles, we threw them at other rocks, we found really cool ones. we even brought some of them home.

    people? bah. we had fun with rocks and sand and clear air. we had our own fun, and people probably were looking at us funny.

    good. good.

  6. ah yes, I love the beach. and the cool thing for me is, even when i’m working, I’m at the beach. my cable company employer had the foresight of assigning me the beaches area here in Jacksonville as the zone I work in. customer stresses me out? I just drive the 2 minutes to the beach, park the van, and listen to the ocean for awhile…

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