i have a secret

for some time now, i’ve been sitting on information, interesting information, about a site which has been in the brainstorming stages. this evening, i have just finished registering the domain, arranging the hosting, and installing a fresh, new copy of MT. do you know i just love doing that sort of thing? nothing like it, really.

it’s out of my hands now, there are capable designers and writers at the ready; the one thing i can tell you, is that it is going to rock. but that is all i can tell you.

now, i must return to pristine’s new templates, which still need work. she hasn’t posted yet as of this writing, so it’s really not done yet, i just felt obligated to give you some sort of insider information into some of my nefarious plans. the other thing? you’ll just have to wait.

13 thoughts on “i have a secret

  1. mmm, tequila.

    actually, hope it’s that, since i have only just now handed over the keys to the new owners, and they now have to build the thing and write stuff.

    this may take awhile. patience is a virtue. but so is tequila, so there you have it.

  2. Cant wait to see what it is KD!! Im sure it iwll be cool just like all the sites here at Surreally 🙂

    Pristines Template looks GREAT!!!

  3. actually this is totally separate from surreally, i’ve just done the setup and MT and stuff — so much fun.

    the folks involved are tremendously brilliant. i’m so looking forward to seeing what they do with this. they have promised me a guest-posting spot, though, i’ll be involved that way, when it’s done.

    web projects… so fun.

  4. *massive jealously* I hate knowing you know something I don’t know. I mean it’s fine that you know a ton of stuff I don’t know, it’s just I don’t usually know that i don’t know.

  5. Do I know this? I think I do, but I’m so tired. And I might be out of the loop. I don’t know. I just don’t know.


  6. You know, this purple and white environment really does grow on one, doesn’t it? I LOVE this place! Its absolutely beaudiful…. Now will you give me the details you’re hiding :-)… Tho I am not kidding about the site design.

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