i look crazy enough already, thank you

imagine this: your phone, which resembles a boxy wristwatch, vibrates to tell you there is an incoming call. no one around you will hear this, but they will see you react, a subtle change in facial expression as you raise your hand, tapping two fingers rhythmically together to answer the call, and then … i am not making this up … you stick your finger in your ear and begin talking.

you carry on an animated conversation, with your finger stuck in your ear. people around you back away slowly, convinced you’re either (a) insane, (b) communicating with the mother ship, or (c) both.

and besides, didn’t your mother tell you not to stick anything in your ear? except your elbow, of course.

10 thoughts on “i look crazy enough already, thank you

  1. KD —
    I’ve been expecting this development for about six years. I haven’t read your link yet, but in my fantasy it would all be done with implanted microprocessors. Would you have them inplanted if you could have a wireless phone whenever you wanted it?

  2. well, in a word, no. i wouldn’t have any sort of communications devices implanted in my body unless i was implicitly trusting the gov’t and other assorted agencies not to monitor my every move — and then some.

    no, i prefer to be able to put the thing down and get away from it — not that i am ever away from my cell phone, but theoretically, i might want to be someday.

  3. Using bone as a conductor for a phone conversation?
    Gees, there are people starving in China for chrissake. Why arent’ people doing something for the real good of the world.
    OMG, I really am a bleeding heart liberal….

  4. Heh.

    kd, you could always take it out and see what happened when you ran it past the UPC scanner at the local Vons.

    Just like that time on X-files…

  5. i’m not letting the government get near me!

    we’ve been working for years to get people’s fingers out of their noses…and now they are telling us to stick ’em in our ears…when the vibrator/cellphone comes out i don’t want to hear about it

  6. Oh, we’ll all know when they hit the market ’cause all the drug dealers in the ghetto will be tapping their fingers and talking into their watches.

  7. I saw this a little over a year ago and couldn’t believe it when I read the story. Personally, I always thought that sticking your finger in your ear was considered one of those things you do privately (like adjusting your wedgie) so I can’t see how people would want to do it on a regular basis to act as their own cell phones.

  8. yeah, but you know, say-say’s right — as soon as this comes out, it’s going to be the ghetto *thing*, you know? one of those things that instantly becomes hand-sign lingo.

    i saw this awhile back too, or read about it, but that’s the first time i saw the drawings like that.

    i sat at my desk, and pantomimed the actions, and sure enough, it looks extremely nutty. extremely.

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