i watched a movie

let’s preface this with the fact that i rarely watch movies. i only go to a theatre if there is a kids’ flick that my son must see, and to be honest that’s a level of filmmaking i am comfortable with. i love animation, and potty humour (jimmy neutron was great).

as far as grownup movies, well, i resist most of them. i don’t want to be moved, touched, or edified. i don’t want to be serious. i want to laugh at bizarre stuff till i hurt. i want my ribs to ache.

zoolander was brilliant. ben stiller is a genius. i only checked my email twice during the movie, which is saying a lot for its ability to hold my scattery attention. and the last scene, where dereck jr. makes his first ?look?, well, i nearly peed myself. hahaha, weewee is funny (there goes my sense of humour again).

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