i’m here

Hide in your shell, let the world go to hell
It’s like Russian roulette to you
Sweat running cold, you can’t face growing old
It’s a personal threat to you
The world is a cage for your impotent rage
But don’t let it get to you
(i am not sure what the rush lyrics have to do with anything but there they are)

i’m here, still a bit of a mess, but chances are i am going to get better. a nice person named portia told me that germies can make your brain puffy, and that explains almost everything, including the fact i spent the greater part of yesterday afternoon glancing angrily at a thermostat and bursting into tears. oh, and possibly the lyrics. yeah, that would do it.

so i’m going to work. and i’m not mad at them for not giving me paid sick leave. i just hope this is ebola and that i give it to them and we all die.

no, not really. i’m going to be ok. eventually.


ok, and i wrote that last night in anticipation of how i’d feel this morning. which is to say, not like typing or thinking. i was right. but i have a bazillion lovely emails and want to thank you guys for all your lovely comments and reassure you this is temporary. probably. no really is.

this has negatively impacted my typing speed something fierce so if i am slow or taciturn in my email replies, please bear with me.

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