i’m ready

well, sort of. i’m prepared, but am i really entirely ready? is anyone?

i’m getting out tonight. seven bands for seven bucks, at the ventura theatre. i don’t get out much, so when i do, it’s all about making it count. and this is going to be incredible. great local music.

show starts in ten minutes, i’m going to be late, it’s ok, it’s part of the plan. i also have to get easter supplies on my way downtown. nothing like a little hectic last minute panic to get the old heart going, eh?

can you tell i’m nervous?

12 thoughts on “i’m ready

  1. I’m glad you’re going. And even if it sucked, you could just pick up some donuts on the way home and the evening will still have been perfect.

  2. Sounds like it was fun – patiently waiting for details. You know, for those of us who have to live vicariously through everyone else? 🙂 Happy weekend, kd!

  3. Happy Easter, kd! i am sooo glad we’re past the egg-dying and hunting thing. last night, we splurged on a big chocolate rabbit for the boy and a box of four cadbury’s caramello eggs for me. mmmm….

  4. You’ll do fine. Drink. Remember to dip yourself in vinegar before eating the dye tablets so that you’ll get the most vivid colors.

    Have a good time! Have a Guiness or an amaretto sour for me.

  5. it was so much fun. i have to make easter eggs and hide them and i need sleep, and i shall post about the evening in the morning.

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