impossible questions

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Week of March 7, 2002

“In teaching my students,” says Waldorf teacher Meg Gorman, “I try to figure out what questions I can ask that have no right answer. I seek to frame paradoxes, to force the student to develop original thought.” If you follow my column, Sagittarius, you know that this is my recipe for becoming a soulful human being. Fondness for mystery and comfort with ambiguity are always sound approaches to life, in my opinion. But they’re especially so now. You’re in a phase when your sleeping potentials can only be awakened by asking impossible questions.

my sleeping potentials must be awakened. ask me some impossible questions, please.

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21 thoughts on “impossible questions

  1. hmm… let me think about this, ‘cos all that comes to mind now is would you rather die by burning to death or freezing to death… but that’s actually pretty possible to answer.

    …. thinking…..

  2. yeah, too easy, freezing. i have a great fear of burning to death, but freezing to death, you are cold, then you feel warm and sleepy, then you drift off. (i was in a phase where i read a lot of books by mountain climbers, i know this).

    i’ve also decided that probably drowning and/or suffocating isn’t that bad, though i fear that too (asthma). i’ve decided you just get tired of not getting air, and you drift off.

    drifting off is kind of the way i’d like to go. either that, or an aneurism during wild sex.

  3. well. can one exist without the other? hmm. when surreally first started it was me and one other person, and we had a big yin/yang thing going on, polar opposites. male/female, east/west, sober/not, mac/pc, and some other stuff.

    i was always yin, or was i yang? but surreally got busy and yin/yang fell by the wayside and here i am by myself in this space.

    i don’t know. good impossibility there, dan.

    what is the sound of one hand clapping? whoosh, whoosh.

  4. Well, this is a great blog to open my day with!! I haven’t had my first cup of coffee, so I’m kinda not really here yet. Which is perfect for reading your stuff, kd. In fact I have absolutely no idea of what anyone is talking about here.

    Puts everything in a totally different perspective.

  5. and now it’s 5:14 AM of a completely different time.

    these things happen, etc.

    the universe rocks my world.

  6. so, like, does existence precede essence, or what?

    i think drowning would be awful. having to decide to take that first breath of water… *shudder*

  7. bouders. well, in some instances. pebbles in other ones. good one, jj.

    essence always was. existence? so far i’m not sure i believe in it.

    those were fun.

    wow, i was really, really, really drunk last night. or shall i say, this morning.

    i shouldn’t feel fine, but i do.

  8. it was my 39th birthday. we drank tequila. lots of it. she was, i think, 28 or so, it was both of our first times not doing it cause some boyfriend wanted two chicks.

    it was lovely. she was round, very soft, boobs bigger than my head.

    it was wonderful. of course, she was nuts, and went off her meds later on, haven’t seen her since.

    story of my life. no not really. sort of though.

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