Jon Sullivan’s birthday

Jon Sullivan ceased to exist. except for over at that mirror site, remember that? there may be an error or two on the page, but looks like it basically works.

of course, he’ll probably yank that if we go play with it. [sigh] happy birthday, you cranky old bastard.

8 thoughts on “Jon Sullivan’s birthday

  1. Jon did not “patiently” explain anything. He flat out spewed that he does not exist on this day. However, thanks to the marvelous work of kd, we now know where to find his secret little hidey hole. Sorry, “bob”. Say, isn’t it right around your birthday, too?

  2. Jon has patiently explained that there is no birthday today because he doesn’t exist. Why can’t you understand this? It’s quite simple – No Jon, no birthday. None. Zero. He’ll exist again tomorrow, but the birthday will not have happened.

  3. and i figured that one out before my first cup of coffee kicked in. [pats self on back, a little too hard] ow. anyway, at this rate, i’m gonna kick some serious ass today.

  4. The funny thing is, because I was engaged in a complicated series of ruminations on that day, a tiny Jon Sullivan existed at my house. So he did have a birthday this year. Sorry, Jon.

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