if i had to pick a word, vulnerable.

damn dream hangovers. very realistic (except for the not being able to find my shoes and my socks being a totally different green than my outfit, which was really nice and if i was going to only have socks, damn things should at least match and… ) and then there was the one where i got fired. laid off, really, but — jobless. i got unemployed. you wake up shaky after something like that.

anyway, this comes from the fact that, at work, i’ve been doing mostly in-house work which has far less time constraints, and i’ve been much less focused, and i know i have been damned unproductive. i’ve also been sick, and stressed, and these are not excuses.

and, i don’t feel up to this, this morning. oh yeah, that work from home i was going to do? didn’t do anything. and i have nothing to wear. (matching socks, i have, but i have to wear more than that).


13 thoughts on “morning

  1. …and here I am just so darned glad all I have to do is figure out which pair of black jeans is clean.

    ‘Cause other than the black cotton work socks and underwear, the white corporate logo pullover shirt is my sum total of ‘wardrobe for work’.

    So no, green sock dreams for me…

    …but you don’t want to know what I goes on in my head at night in exchange for that good karma.

  2. you know, my work wardrobe is pretty simple too, but i don’t have too much of any one thing — so if both my pants are dirty, i stress.

    i don’t have any nice green outfits at all (i’d love to have one like in the dream, it was so cool), even if i was wearing it to an awards ceremony in which people who had already been fired were getting awards and i wasn’t — this was before the getting fired dream.

    and aside from a few comments here and there (not from surfing, only out of emails), i have been like a reformed worker today. i have gotten things done.

    nothing like a good nightmare or two to turn yourself around.

  3. normally i do stay mad, kd. but for some reason, once i told her about the dream this morning, i started laughing about it and i haven’t been mad since. once though, i was mad at a friends mom for days and days because of a dream!

  4. I did eat them. But they weren’t hot anymore, and were perhaps a bit stale, so all-in-all it was a disappointment for my first time with a Krispy Kreme.

  5. It seems there is a consistent thread here about Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Does it qualify as a meme? We don’t have that particular brand of doughnuts here, damn it. Oh well, c’est la vie…

  6. the thing about Krispy Kremes is, i was a donut fan all my life. but my first taste of a Krispy Creme, coming as it did in the 41st year of my life, was a revelation. they are just perfect. just. perfect. so i went a little off the donut deep end, as it were.

  7. i dreamt about bush taking over china and shooting all of the cops in the u.s. so that they wouldn’t rise up and oust him.

    please tell me that this isn’t one of my psychic dreams.

  8. it must have been the night for weird dreams with hangovers. i had a dream that my woman was doing the nasty with LeVar Burton. it was for money though and i woke up mad because she was screwing me out of my share.

  9. You, kd, are the major cause of the dream that I had. In it I went to Krispy Kreme and got five donuts. On departure I had to duck down inbetween some cars so as not to be seen by the two guys outside waving around their guns. they didn’t know I was there and that I witnessed the murder.

    But that’s not so important. What matters is that the donuts got squished because I had put them in my pocket.

  10. oh no! did you eat them anyway? i would have.

    and, Nick? when you have that kind of dream, do you stay mad at the person well into the day? i do. people who live with me need to understand they WILL be held responsible for their actions in my dreams.

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