night in ventura

so it was a bad thing i took the walk, but damn the air was exquisite. i took the cd player and incubus, with drive on repeat. the rhythm of my steps lengthened in response to the music, and i was breathing, breathing deep in rhythm. and the streets were empty, their parked cars with windows misted with dew, and quiet, quiet the world. oh, and it felt like heaven, darkened ventura boulevards, heading for the lighted oasis that is the gas station on the corner, and one more beer. just one, really, it was the walk i was after when i set out on the journey.

and it was sweet. incubus, and cool moist air, and deep, deep breaths. i fell madly in love with the world, just then, and i can’t begin describing this in a way that would bring you in it with me, or else i would. oh, trust me, i would.

best parts? watching, in middle distance, the signal at thompson and main, green, then yellow and red, and red for awhile, then suddenly green again, all seen through the mist and/or my old scratched glasses. in any case, the night was a haze of light and wonder. and it was a perfect walk.

and it is too late, and time for bed, after i finish the one beer i said i was after when i begun walking, even though it was the walk i was after all along.

7 thoughts on “night in ventura

  1. really? i woke up all ready to delete that cause it seems silly in the daylight. i’m harsh on myself that way, maybe?

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