ones and zeroes

every home heating system i have ever known operates in one of two states: on, and off. ones and zeroes, real simple. now, why is it that people who want to get a house warm real quick-like, turn the heater up past the normal setting, as if that’s going to speed up the process? news flash: it doesn’t work that way. and sure as hell, your sorry, clueless ass is going to forget you’ve cranked the heater up too high until the whole damn house is suffocating hot.

now, i’m not denying there may be fancy, state of the art houses out there with super deluxe, variable settings heat — i’m not talking about that. i’m talking about your standard, garden-variety, thermostat-controlled heater. it is on, until it reaches the temperature you’ve set, then off, when it reaches it. setting it higher is just going to make it run longer, not better, and not faster. the heater does not think, oh! i must reach a higher number, i’ll get hotter! it does not think. it is on, or off.

if you want to get warm fast, put on a damned sweater. get under the blankets. but keep your lousy paws off the heater control. got it?

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