out of context

?Whereupon this woman I had met only once turned around, presented her backside to me, and lowered her pants to show me the artwork inked just millimeters above her crack.? – elaine bennett/buy the cow

?A loose sheet of vinyl blanketed her body and separated her from the mechanics of the machine. Then they turned on the water works.? – onewhoknows

?Starbucks’ Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans = Crack Cocaine
Benadryl = Heroin
Any questions?? – JeanNINE

?So vhy light is flashink? I don’t know. Maybe same reason moose no verk da? [and vhat of squirrel?]? – chris/technoerotica.net

and as always, props to the batgrl for the idea, which just rocks.

4 thoughts on “out of context

  1. See! It’s addictive! Now someone make me some catchy button type graphics to pass around like after dinner mints and we got us a party! Wheee!

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