out of context

?i tugged, but my finger wouldn’t budge. that’s right, i got my finger stuck in my damn nose! there i was, my finger buried about 2 inches deep up my nose, the goddess and my best friend laughing their asses off at me.? – nick/improper.org

?I might start sculpting a huge model of Devil’s Tower in the living room unless I keep on top of this ‘being home all day’ thing.? – chris/javablack.com

?Look, I ain’t forcing you to eat it. If you don’t want it, you don’t want it. Man’s gotta go his own way.? – asian bastard

??Do you know what bloody stools mean? Because I was just pooping on my male slave and it got a little messy… maybe you could take a look and see if you think I should call a doctor,? I say politely, motioning him in and towards the bedroom.? – mecawlison

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i put this post together last night, and saved it to post in the morning. then i was dreaming that when i posted it there were these huge weird images in it. i’d done these washed-out collage type graphics of the sites, like a visual out-of-context. in the dream i was thinking, ?why did i do that? it messed up my layout?.
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go wish toxiclabrat a happy b-day

& my endless gratitude continues to the inimitable batgrl for this idea.

4 thoughts on “out of context

  1. Are you kidding? I’m just giddy that someone wants to play the game too! It’s hard digging up quotes! I’m not letting myself do it again til this weekend! And now I have to go surf those links you posted! Wheee!

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