out of context

stealing batgrl‘s idea:

?With an anemic wave before being swept away by the crowd of waiting minutes, the sun glances your way and passes by with a wan smile, a maladroit shadow of his true self.? – chris/tangled.org

?i’ve never been drunk. i eat meat and i like it. if i had dogs, i would let them lie on the couch and stick their noses in peoples’ crotches.? – bobby burgess

?strange comment of the day made by a customer: ‘my body is full of acid, so i can’t wear a watch’. her life must be one long ken kesey moment after another.? – undertoad

?You clueless, idiot. I can see you running and screaming like a little pansy everytime you see a widdle bumblebee, right ChrisW?? – eric brooks

?So I’m lookin’ at Bob, and his eyeliner. And his hair. Am I thinkin’ who the hell does he look like? Then I got it!!! He looks like:
Vincent Price!!? – toxiclabrat

?If there were no girls around to tie up, I usually burned stuff – dripping burning plastic onto model cars makes a cool sound as it falls, and so on.? – miguel/surreally

12 thoughts on “out of context

  1. See how it becomes almost poetic if you put them all next to each other? Oh yeah, batgrl, queen of procrastination ideas, strikes again…

  2. it certainly is catching on. i’m sitting here trying to come up with an actual post, but it’s so tempting just to surf and quote when i got nothin’ like this.

    so. tempting. must. resist. write. something.

  3. Thank you, kd! You, Jon, Batty, Faith, Eric, Kare, Ez, Linky, Mom, Dad … ah hell you know the list … are the highlight of my day, and I love you all.

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