now both the image and the tagline are random. i made some additional images myself, but i’m not completely happy with them — my ability to place a small picture in another graphic is adequate, but my ?eye? for catchy images, i doubt.

right now there are three. two i like, and one of those is chris‘s original pic. i’m going to keep working on it, i have a huge bunch of photos to go through, looking for the right look.

kd: a blog = always looking to improve itself, in the interest of your (hopeful) enjoyment.

enjoy. enjoy dammit! i mean that.

15 thoughts on “randomness

  1. I looove random stuff. My refresh button isn’t always too fond of it, but I’m always a big fan of random catchy one-liners. Favorite so far: “Does this make my brain look fat?”

  2. you know, that line came from a discussion when i was getting sick and was a little psychotic, and portia of portiastar said that sometimes the germies make your brain swell, and i replied, does this make my brain look fat?

    she said yes, but it draws attention from the thighs.

  3. there are now four images: my toes in sand, my son’s toes in sand, invader zim, and hot donuts.

    i’m getting there. totally getting there.

    stay tuned, always, stay tuned, it gets better, different, and other things. really.

  4. I like your page, but I’m having a small problem with it. The purple and white are the colors of a high school which was the rival (arch enemy) of my high school. Anywhere I see that color combination, it freaks me out, for example when Natty dresses my son, MB. Jr. in those colors. The absolute worst I’ve reacted to it tho, was when Diego, my bro-in-law (who went to my high school too) painted his living room in those colors… I was like “You traitor!”

  5. a homepage? i don’t think i’ve ever been anyone’s homepage — except for my own. i actually changed mine from surreally main site to this last night.

    i think it’s the curiousity of looking to see which picture and tagline come up, really. for some reason that amuses me so.

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