it was a beachy evening. first, i was drawn by the sunset but a little late, however, i made do with the moon.

later, i returned, intent upon capturing the changing lights on the steps at the promenade; sadly, they no longer run those lights at night.

i did find the light art further down still illuminated. there are three of them:
sense, knows, scents, nose
eyes that could listen, tongues with thought, hands with taste, ears that have seen
touch up, touch on, in touch, touch off

it was just lovely down there. i could have stayed, but i had things to template. look to surreally in a bit for the announcement of the new subdomain, now running. lots of newness in the world, and much to stimulate the senses.

14 thoughts on “senses

  1. Great pix, kd!!
    Btw, do you happen to live near a merry-go-round? If you do, can you take a picture of one of the horses? I used to live down the street from a penny arcade when I was a little tyke, the carousal was my favorite. The owner used to let us just sit on the horses because we were the neighbour kids..great memories..

  2. toxic — can’t think of one off the top of my head, but i’ll look. just love those things.

    paige, undertoad — come on over! we can camp out under the moon and the palm fronds!

  3. hey kd, if you live where i think you live, there’s an indoor carousel at harbor town. but if you don’t live where i think you live, nevermind

  4. if i go out to the main road and look straight down, or cross the street to the mall and go to the food court, i can see the ocean.

    i do live in paradise. i do love it.

  5. I loved the moon last night, it was brilliant. Ever see Joe Vs. The Volcano? The scene with the moon is how I feel almost every day.

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