seven bands for seven bucks

my god that was fun. it started in the parking lot, as all good nights should, drinking margaritas out of a big water bottle, so that the underage/underfunded could have a buzz too. and when i say underfunded? that would be all of us. the bands may have been a bargain but the beer was not. ?that’ll be eight dollars? — ?i only wanted one? — ?oh.?.

it was a benefit for Bill Locey, a local freelance music journalist and all around free spirit, who is having hip replacement surgery next month. Bill has great love for the local music scene, and the music scene loves him back.

now, i was there mainly to see the Jonathan Raffetto Band, and hope that they didn’t see me because i’m still lagging on their website. yes, i’m going to get to it. soon. i swear.

but the band that delighted me most was raging arb and the redheads. can you say party band? i knew that you could. they are a local institution, and now understand why. this picture was taken before the stage got really busy. there were about a half dozen sofas on the stage, and as the performance went on, it got more and more crowded, with people constantly weaving through the band to get to the kegger, which was sitting in front of the lead singer. that bright light on the stage? your common house lamp, which it was some guys job to turn off and on (my guess would be that would be their version of a lighting technician when they’re having their garage parties).

i was absolutely delighted by raging arb and the redheads. i have nothing but admiration for a band that throws an actual keg party on the stage.

it was a great night. i’ll leave you with this picture. you decide what it is.

9 thoughts on “seven bands for seven bucks

  1. what color was that, um, person’s hair originally do you think?
    and when do you think you’ll get surreally chat? did your hosts give you a vague idea of when or is it just a someday kinda thing?

  2. there were no visible roots, and she was no spring chicken, it may have been a natural colour. she was also wearing chandeliers for earrings, a bowling shirt type thing, and bleached jeans tucked into boots. brave soul.

  3. oh yeah. chatroom. i asked about it twice, the second reply was a rather snippy statement about how they had other things as a higher priority — business-oriented things, as opposed to fun stuff.

    i’ve stopped bothering them, because, they are great hosts otherwise. me whining about needing chat is counterproductive to maintining a good rapport with Omar the Tech Support Guy.

  4. A Flock Of Seagulls appears to have landed on that person’s head… and nested there for the Spring.

    Tell Omar to FO.. there’s a ton of hosts out there looking for good clients.

  5. since i signed up under the unlimited bandwidth (within reason) and there are over 300 megs and some, uh, lemme see, 17 sites on surreally’s servers, and they have outstanding uptime and are affordable, i kind of put up with a little fussiness out of the tech support. they’re very good if i have a “real” problem.

    imagine trying to transfer all that. *shudder*

  6. it’s a poodle mohawk! yeeks!
    i am very jealous – it’s been eons since i’ve gone to see a good live band, especially one with a keg party on stage…. but $8 for beer? wacky californians!

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