side effects

the worst has passed, but this is nasty medicine, and i did have quite a lot of it this morning. it’s both foul and vile. only feel-good part is the air you get to breathe. i guess that part could be addictive as hell.

more details, for those of you who don’t mind (more) whining:

i … i smell. and it is not good. something about the sweat of the waning albuterol wire. acrid is a good word. and i am drained. i tried to stay on the couch but i was bored, only one newspaper and couldn’t get into a book, and i refuse to do the daytime tv. there is no spongebob in the afternoon. i am trying not to whine. failing, but trying.

i’m still wearing the little ER bracelet. i know i have to go to the store later and i rather fancy people would let me cut in lines and so forth if i leave it on, but am i willing to be that pathetic? no, no i am not. i blame that thought on my scary morning.

did you know that asthma is getting worse all over the world? yeah. and the doctor, as he prepared to discharge me, looked straight at me and said, don’t wait so long to come in. we’re having more … bad outcomes.

bad outcomes. ok, i know what that means. and yes, i wait too long. when i got there this morning, i was: pulse 137, pulse-ox 89, temp: 97?, peak flow: 75, respiration, i forget, but i recall the nurse saying, try to breathe more slowly, as she wrote s.o.b. on my chart and i was all, now you’re messin’ with a … oh yeah: short. of. breath. hehe. i made an asthma joke.

for comparison, when i left i was doing 250 on the peak flow. it’s over 300 now. 75 is not good. it is, in fact, bad.

i’m writing this mainly to promise myself not to wait that long again. and to take better care of myself. and to — quit smoking.

but first? to the shower! away! or the nap.

promise i’ll be interesting later. i have had lots and lots of thoughts today, which are only just now slowing down their spinning enough for me to catch them.

17 thoughts on “side effects

  1. pulse-ox @ 89?!
    Hun, that’s -bad!- When my lil’ bro was in the hospital Christmas day when he ate those cashews, his was down to 82, and at that point, he was turning -blue-. being that he’s also asthmatic, the whole throat closing thing from the food allergy wasn’t helping at all.

    promise to head to the hospital earlier, ok?

  2. gosh, i remember reading about that. 82?? when my dad had open chest surgery to remove a tumor, that they didn’t get but it made his lung collapse, he was occasionally in the mid 80’s, that used to scare me silly. i KNOW how that feels.

    yes. earlier. promise.

    plus, now i have actual real medicine. i know primatene is bad. but i had to get sick to spend the deductibles on the real deal.

  3. The problem with some of the stuff out there is that it drives your oxygen demand up; most of the meds just work that way (an alpha and beta receptor thing; nevermind, Kitty can explain it better). The good stuff doesn’t drive your O2 demand as much as it tries to dilate your brocchioles.

    Yeah, too techy; but remember: the stuff coming from that home albuterol inhaler is a dry powder. …and that’s a bear to get in deep when you’re already shut down. That’s why you see nebulized mists in EMS and at the hospitals: better penetration (and less O2 demand as a bonus).

    …and if your stuck with the powders, there’s a goodie called a ‘spacer’ that will help you get more med in when your tidal volume is down (it’s essentially a bong).

    Better to get on it early, but all too easy to get behind when you are really, really sick.

    More than you wanted to know…

  4. no, honestly, i like to understand these things. it helps to visualize, i suppose — to understand the mechanisms by which my life’s being saved.

    i have/had a nebulizer — it’s either in the garage somewhere, or… just gone. *sigh* every time i think to look for it i’m too sick, and when i’m well, i don’t do it.

  5. It’s better to smell than feeling sick, or?? I’m not sure myself ;o] It’s good you’re doing better now, think the spring is the worst season for those who has asthma. You hopefully don’t smoke!! If you do you need spanking! ;o] You should take better care of you, have the medications and everything you need available before you get sick. Let me remind you next week to get that nebulizer while you are feeling well ;o]

  6. well, i guess the yoga stuff didn’t work, huh? or maybe it was too late. anyway, i’m glad you finally got the meds you need, and glad you’re feeling better. try to stop smoking, k? we need you around for a long time!

  7. well, i read that article with great interest, yogalady, and it kept saying over and over, you won’t see results right away, stay on your medicine, it takes awhile… and i sort of put the whole thing on hold till… sometime i had some time.

    i’m good at stuff like that. i still have it in the back of my mind on my list of things to do when i start working on more wellness in my life.

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