my webhosts promise me 99.95% uptime. which means there is .05% downtime. doesn’t sound like much? it’s 4.38 hours a year. some of which happened this morning. which means not only my site but all the surreally hostees experienced the absence of their blogs this morning. from the time i got up till the time everything was back online was some 20-25 minutes, it could have been longer, i don’t know. all i know is that it was incredibly traumatic.

(breathe) (breathe) that was hairy. hairy like a plumber’s buttcrack, and probably all sweaty like that too. *shudder*

6 thoughts on “stress

  1. that bites. I’m moving my site in a couple of weeks to a new provider. if it’s down, it’s all my fault – since I own the company. hehe

  2. you know, with other people’s pages, i always think, oh, it’s ok, just server stuff, it’ll be back up.

    with mine, i sit here clicking reload like a fiend, and yes, say-say, panic WAS coursing through my veins.

    thankfully, the uptime on aplushosting is excellent (i can’t think of 4 hours that the site was actually down, in the past year. maybe 30 minutes, which makes 99.99 more of a realistic figure), so this sort of thing happens quite rarely.

  3. Its all fixed now, kd..
    You have a damn pretty reliable server, so I wasn’t concerned..
    It can all wait..
    Thanks for caring enough to write about it. If there is anyone who can be relied on to fix it, it would be you!!
    With much appreciation,
    Love the hairy sweaty buttcrack remark! Alot them on view at the “Depot”!

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