oh, ok, one thing i forgot to upload last week from the beach: a timeless debate, etched in curb paint

and some other news. albert (seen here in happier times) didn’t make it. it just occurred to me, one day when i was sitting at my desk, hours before lunchtime, hungry and desperate, that i had a bag of popcorn for a pet. huh. shortly afterward, nature took its course.

it is my intention to go to the beach tomorrow, mostly for theraputic purposes — lovely, moist salt air, saturated with sea-level oxygen — my lungs are longing for it even now. it’s possible to get rest and drink lots of fluids somewhere other than home, and in this case, the beach is the best place for me.

it’s friday night, my CDs came, and i have beer. life is good, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. even me.

5 thoughts on “stuff

  1. sounds loverly kd… hey, if I get scared tonite, can I post here?

    hey! you got your “about me” page done – yay!

  2. well, it’s sorta almost done, it’s started, at least. i wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, so i just did — something.

    and anytime you’re up late and scared, just hop on over and comment, or sometimes if i get enough beer in me i go to the AIM (i’m “surreallydotcom”).

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