sunsets, donuts, and eggs

sunsets frustrate me. they are, each one of them, an unique arrangement of molecules and photons that will never be repeated. and i want to capture them all, except… well, it’s not practical, and it would get old, i’m sure. doesn’t stop the wanting.

and because of this wanting, sunsets tend to interrupt me. i’ll be driving along and think, look! i must get closer to the sky! but the time it would take to get to the beach (which is not really closer, but is at least free of obstructions), the sunset would change or just vanish.

heh — makes those folks that drive along talking on their cell phones look like pikers, doesn’t it? incidentally, that sunset was way more awesome than you can really discern through the dirty windshield of a buick doing 65 in traffic.

and i liked the view through my back side window, which was covered in happyface stickers, which seemed somehow fitting. (and no, the car was not moving when i took that picture, i am not completely insane)

i also wanted to share my favourite breakfast with you. it’s utterly simple and perfect: two eggs, over easy, yellow still runny, with a little melty cheese on top, over a piece of toast. salt, pepper, done. perfect.

17 thoughts on “sunsets, donuts, and eggs

  1. cool pics, KD. i really like the way the smiley face stickers echo the dots on the Krispy Kreme truck.

    instead of toast try cheese flavoured english muffins. heaven!

  2. hmm, i’ve never seen cheese flavoured english muffins around here. cinnamon raisin is about as exotic as it gets.

    now, we have some great bagel places. mmm. cheese bagels.

    i love round food with holes in it, anyway.

  3. Oh, yessy yes yes. Your breakfast looks mighty fine. I like sunny side up, too. Runny yoke. Recently I’ve tried poached eggs, served same way. Deelightful

  4. i may appear to be a piker on a cell phone, but the truth is i don’t call anybody on it when i drive and i don’t answer it on the road. when i am talking on it on the road with the top down, it is to desiguise the fact that i drive really bad. having a cell phone in an ear just makes it look like it is the cell phone’s fault.

  5. well, fact is, i drive exceptionally well, whether on the phone, taking pictures with my digital camera, eating, mucking about with the radio, or all of the above. i am good.

    i do not, however, read (anything too complicated), or watch tv (because i don’t have one in the car).

    i have, on occasion, surfed the wireless internet from the car, but i was not on the freeway.

  6. Daniel was just looking over my shoulder and thought your breakfast looked really good…

    …until I explained that wasn’t cheese he was seein’, but runny egg!

    He likes things well done.

  7. I have a few photos that I took while driving. I did it one handed and wasn’t looking through the view finder or anything so I got more shots of the guardrail than I really wanted. 🙁 I’ll be posting them soon. Breakfast looks yummy!

  8. indeed, that was the 101 heading north out of Oxnard with a dozen Krispy Kremes on the passenger seat.

    nice drive, eh?

  9. and, no bacon. that would take too long. these eggs are done in exactly the time it takes to make the toast — the three minute breakfast. it’s heavenly, and perfect for the lazy weekend.

  10. I read the paper, talk on the phone, sing along to the radio, and nap too. The first three only in traffic. I used to nap while coming from parties late in the night. I figured, heck, everyone else in the car is doing it, I might as well, especially since my good friend the curb will wake you up if anything serious is about to happen…

  11. not to mention they put that friendly braille on the road, between the lines.

    you hear yourself messing up. or you would, if you did.

    i don’t. i stay in the lines.

    my driving record? no accident since 77. no moving violation since 83.

    drove a good million miles since.

    i am good. i am.

  12. now i really miss california sunsets. waaaaaah. everything here is dead looking and there’s scattered snow on the ground. at least i can see duckies in the pond.

    and i like your photojournalist style in this entry. it’s fun to see pictures of what you’re doing. keep that up! 🙂

  13. i don’t take pictures of poopie, though, if i wanted to, i would have poopie to photograph.

    but we’ve decided to take away the computer for the rest of the day when the boy has ‘accidents’ due to the games being too fun to stop.

    hopefully that helps. i’m sick of the poopie.

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