surfer girl

so, lunchtime. i take a surf break.

i go to bad sam, and for some reason the ?five touches? column catches my eye, and i click. at the bottom of the page, the comments lead me to the bad sam message board, which leads me to, where i click, rather randomly, on a story called throwing up in portland, which started out ?Hardly anyone remembers Camel anymore. They were a British band whose popularity peaked in about 1977…?

well, i remember them. a whole headrush of memories, i loved their moonmadness album. just loved it. at one point in the very late seventies, i stored all my albums along with my stereo in a friend’s garage, and he sold them all because another friend of mine owed him money. you wouldn’t believe how many times stuff like this happened to me back then — which may be why i am so reclusive now, but i digress.

for years, i believed this album, this music, was lost to me. it was one item on my list of lost music that never turned up in a used record store, and after awhile i gave up hope. i clicked over to with scant hope, afterall, this is 70’s vinyl we’re talking about, if it exists it’s probably not in great condition, and even so, i don’t even know anyone with an actual turntable.

behold, the wonders of the internet: digitally remastered CDs were released in ’83, and i found three of them, in two clicks. and, i hesitated, because it wouldn’t be the first time i rediscovered 70’s music and thought, ?what was i thinking? — but i decided to take the chance, because after all these years, i still have snippets of their songs running through my mind.

and now, the CD is on its way. i love the internet.

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