the new look is courtesy of chris, who made the graphics, layout changes, and colours — changes which were tremendously easy for me to implement, because movable type‘s template system is so exquisite, with all that stylesheety goodness.

i’m quite happy with it — notice also the new MT has allowed me to list the most recently commented on entries in the sidebar. i love that. just love it.

23 thoughts on “thanks!

  1. it is probably a “Mac” thing. pretty, yes? sadly, i did not make it. but i am thankful to chris of!

  2. it’s beautiful. i love the colors. ahhh, what a nice morning surprise.

    also when i first loaded the page, your quote on top was “does this make my brain look fat?” tee hee.

  3. Truly beautiful! So I wasn?t the only who thought it was time for a change uh? Well, I?m changing my journal?s look all the time so…It?s good to see something new over here! Nice!

  4. This IS great!!

    I checked out Chris’s blog and bookmarked it. We seem to have a lot in common ? especially since he uses a Mac. WooHoo!

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