the carousel

this one’s for you, Toxiclabrat (with special thanks to Nick for pointing out that there is indeed a carousel in ventura.)

on the way over, we discovered that they are building a big… thing. took that through a chainlink fence, so i was fairly limited on how i could point the camera. the thing is in the middle of the fancy new bus depot they’re building at the mall, i wonder if public transit funds are being used? could they be put to better use than that… thing?

the carousel at the ventura harbor village is in this building. it’s a combination arcade, snack bar, gift shop, and of course, carousel. the horses were mostly small, this one was fairly interesting, but the ones that really got my attention were not horses.

there was a big bunny, a big dog, a reindeer, and here’s a horse and a pig. my favorite? this big chicken. i rode a regular old horse, but in retrospect i wish i’d ridden the chicken.

12 thoughts on “the carousel

  1. I’d want a gigantic ferret on my carousel. I don’t know why, but a ferret going around would be cool. That, and a half-naked Congressman.

  2. I think you may be right about the looks that way from the pix…One of the carousels from Asbury Park,NJ was auditioned off. Each horse at a time..brought in several hundred dollars a piece..
    The center piece with the mirror..The music would come from that area. And the designs around the mirrors were great.
    Sherlock Holmes investigating the mystery of the carousel…I love it..
    You are sitting on some interesting history where you live, kd!!!

  3. oh, i love anything spinny. actually, that carousel is not all that bad, the horsies have a good vertical travel, it’s a relatively tight circle, and it’s not horribly slow. kinda tingly, really.

    when i go back, though, i am so riding the chicken.

  4. OHG…thank you so much, kd!!!
    Some of these are circa 30’s,40’s…or at least modeled from them.. especially the reindeer…It looks like a pretty safe merry-go-round..nice floor, clean, etc.
    The horse I rode had real horsehair as a tail…yeah, it was old when I rode it..Its nice to see that some of the past can still be appreciated by today’s youngsters. Did they have a brass ring to catch while on the merry-go-round??
    p.s. love the little cute..
    Thank you so much for the means so much to me!!

  5. Toxic — i’m going to go back there, and find out more — the carousel would almost appear to have been there before the building, you can still see the dirt through the floor. and the mural around the carousel is just as weird as can be — fairly tale characters, some with rockin’ 70’s hairstyles. i’m going to ask some nosy questions about the carousel’s history, too.

    it’s great to go exploring like that.

  6. i love carousels, but what i REALLY love are those hand-pushed ones you find in some playgrounds. run, push, jump on and get dizzy. those are FUN.

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