thinking about blogging

in the beginning, the greats wrote there own blog software. and my research tells me there were rarely, if ever comments. i personally wasn’t around then, but available evidence is… available.

and then there was dotcomments for the well-servered folk, who had PHP. and there were remotely hosted comments, too many to list here, which have so far proven to be a finite resource, but they gave blogs comments. and once a blog had comments, the blogmaster would seek out other comments systems, when the server demands overwhelmed the last free comments system. and as this happened, greymatter blossomed, with its inline comments. and weblogs grew, and prospered. bloggers could interact without feeling their views merited a whole email or guestbook signature. along the way, movable type came with a different take on all matters CGI, and comments became integral to the majority of blogs.

blogs that were monologues for years, got comments. rarely were they overused, unless the blogger had spent considerable time cavorting around in a jumpsuit on the enterprise 1701e. but i digress.

commenting has changed blogging immensely in the past year. i rather think it made the whole deal more time-intensive; surfing, and having things to say and having to take the time to phrase them. but the interactivity… worth the time.

i love comments. don’t you? and that’s a rhetorical question, i’m not fishing for comments, it’s just — something i was thinking about.

3 thoughts on “thinking about blogging

  1. i like it. by the way, do you happen to know of any good, free comment systems left? I would appreciate it if you did and could email me. Well, I’d think it was nutty awesome if you did, and dope if you emailed me.

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