two thirty? three?

it was late. i had projects, and a wicked case of heartburn. caustic fire all the way up to my neck. and it was late, and i was out of tums. what to do? there is fancy pepcid in the bedroom, expensive stuff for the career ulcer sufferer in the house. me, i’m just a casual indigestion kinda gal. tums is all i need, and waking up sleeping people makes them mad. what to do?

this house used to be chris’s moms, and she’s one of those depression-era folks who never, ever throws anything away. the contents of her medicine cabinet are still pretty much intact. you know where i’m going with this, right?

turns out mylanta gelcaps that expired nearly eight years ago work just fine, thanks.

and there is nothing quite like pain relief. from stopping beating yourself over the head with a hammer, to taking two elderly gelcaps and having the burn turn cool and soothed, it’s almost a high. ironically, that will keep you awake, too.

i’m sure i was asleep by three. hey, that’s a decent hour, right?

oh, remember yesterday i mentioned OgGogBeGog? well, that <- there is a new link, guess where? yeah, i was doing that last night too. i was a busy webproject person last night.

4 thoughts on “two thirty? three?

  1. oh fine, now i have to go check the expiration dates on everything.

    although the anxiety of that is completely negated by the fact that i may relax and not use capital letters here.

  2. actually, myself as a guinea pig, i’ve taken any number of decades old products out of that medicine cabinet, in desparation. i’m still here, i’m fine, and they actually worked. that mylanta not only worked, but worked extremely well.

    [clutches throat, falls to floor] whoopsy.

    no, not really.

  3. What organic component of Mylanta is going to break down in eight years of shelf time? Are they worried that the Mylantium atoms will undergo a half-life fission and turn into Tumsgten or something?

    I think it’s the colors and flavors that “go bad” in this stuff. If they didn’t make it wacky blue or taste like almost-but-not-quite-mocha-covered-snot, it would last you a lifetime.

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