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well, oddly enough, the day i picked to head up to santa barbara is clear, sunny, and will be between 70 and 80 degrees, so i’m going to have to take a cruise up the coast in my newly tuned up car, in this weather. huh.

so while i’m gone (lo, these several hours), i’ll leave you with this: last night, i surfed my own early archives, i believe all of these were ?palm blogs? (they were whole entries, each of them), snippets that i etched in graffiti when there was an avant-go palm channel (before i lost my palm and didn’t care, some gadget junkie, eh?). so, here they are:
&#183 &#183 &#183
sickness — ridiculous & compelling, & in the end i believe it will have been a necessity. i have devoted an irretrievable measure of my life & identlty to this & it would seem wasteful to abandon it at ths late date.
&#183 &#183 &#183
(blink blink) mmm…daylight? can i go back to bed now?
&#183 &#183 &#183
been exercising my demons this weekend; at the moment, i am procrastinting as the impending evening deepens & makes it harder & harder to find excuses…oh shit, i gotta go.
&#183 &#183 &#183
moments of fleeting peace are exquisite. & they are fleeting! one just passed.

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