what price groceries?

by the time i left the grocery store i was almost insane. i am not sure why, but the grocery store has a long history of being a catalyst for near misses with madness. it’s not the prices, though these days they are indeed cause for despair. it’s not the slow people or the rude people, or the fact that the stress rising through my chest cavity causes me to overcompensate on the politeness. i may be on the verge of screaming, but i am compelled to express this with a small smile and the sweetest ?excuse me? you can imagine.

and i am sorry that i scared the girl scouts as i barged through the doors, but the parking lot is the worst part. my facade inevitably fails me at this point, but it saved me spending three dollars on a box of cookies.

my advice to you: never think to yourself that you have reached your breaking point and made it through unscathed, and that everything will be ok and it can’t get worse, because life will have some surprises in store for you, some lessons in vigilance against complacence.

because worse things can and will happen, especially on days when it turns out that habit of avoiding sending drunken emails by writing them and then forgetting to clean the text files from the old computer backfired spectacularly.

confrontations i’d been considering and procrastinating happened in the aftermath of the grocery store. it’s not over but bringing things into the open may even be a good thing, even if it feels a little like vertigo right now.

7 thoughts on “what price groceries?

  1. no, i don’t write actual drunken emails as much as i save text files on the hard drive and forget they’re there.

    occasionally the mail does get out, but those are lessons i’ve almost completely learned, because there is no unsend button, no matter how one may wish for it in the morning.

  2. Bringing things in the open is a good thing (I tend to avoid those sort of things, myself)…so hang in there, kd. I’ll send ya some good vibes today. 😀

  3. A supermarket is a great place to observe the foraging habits of homo sapien. Instead of jostling for the best ribs from a mastodon, there are those Darwinian specimens who have to dig deeper than anyone else for the perfect package of pork chops.

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