when things go wrong

…. with pop culture:
this is disturbing me. i went to KFC to get dinner for the boys, and a big soda pop for myself. so i’m sitting here and out of the corner of my eye, something about the cup is bugging me. so i take a good look at it.

yeah. it’s the colonel, who in life portrayed himself as a dignified southern gentleman, doing that ?go colonel go colonel? dance move. i twist the cup around, watching in horrified fascination, at the cartoonish depiction of an old, fat, whitehaired man shaking his thang. this is wrong, people. sick, and wrong. i am regretting buying this man’s chicken, even though it’s not his fault, he’s dead, and so has no way firing his marketing department for being on crack.

or is it maybe just the medicine making me irritable?

… oh, and this:
public service announcement from watchersweb. if you’re gonna take pictures of a chrome teapot to sell on ebay, might wanna put some clothes on, k?

13 thoughts on “when things go wrong

  1. Re: the Colonel. I dunno… I was always amazed that he had such a high clientelle of Black customers at KFC. Before he “kicked the bucket” (no pun intended… well, maybe), I always imagined him living on a big plantation, flying rebel flags, and attended his Tuesday night Klan meetings regularly. Maybe this is part of marketing the “new” Col. Sanders.

    Re: The teapot… LOL!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the pix of the teapot. Can’t tell if its a man or woman though. Am I “missing” something?
    What new ad are you talking about? The one with “Go Colonel, Go Colonel” dancing and singing..That was one I saw years ago. Maybe being test marketed where you guys live?? Maybe they are slowing bringing it back…

  3. well, it’s on the cup i was drinking out of, and so i guess it’s still going on in some marketer’s mind, even though they have whatsisname from seinfeld doing the spots now.

  4. i am still laughing about that teapot!! the horror!!!!

    KFC freaks me out too…they actually changed the name to KFC (instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken) so that ‘fried’ wouldn’t be mentioned..ahhh the evil marketers!! i have actually eaten lunch at Claudia Sander’s, his wife’s restaurant (now dead too) which was located somewhere around Simpsonville, KY ooooh…kd..i am so rambling…sorry….but I got pissed after they tried to distance themselves from ‘fried’…bastards! i am so cranky!

  5. Sometimes I’m proud to be in advertising. Other times, I wish I’d been an Architect or something. The new KFC campaign is one of those times… what a bloody insult to consumers of all races and ages. Sad thing is, the media-buy alone will bump sales and the ad agency will take credit with that stupid characterization, and end up doing another one, even more progressively idiotic.

  6. Everybody needs a cartoon mascot or logo. I think milidary contractors ought to have cutesy, singing and dancing death-machines for their logos. Wouldn’t you by arms from Neddy the Napalm Canister?

  7. first of all, i’m glad i’m not the only one horrified by that ad campaign. it’s not that it’s wrong to “update” the image of an old, southern plantation owner-type white man to appeal to the urban kids, but … that way’s just wrong. they could have just done like jack in the box did back when they decided to blow up the clown…

    i’d stop buying the food, but it’s good. i like those twisters.

  8. i’m glad you’re doing better…. 137 is a little scary at rest! the other numbers, well, YIPES! 🙂 i’ll bet the shower felt good…. always works for me.

  9. Hmmm! Maybe black people are practical. KFC chicken tastes GOOD, and is fairly cheap. Why get hung up over the plantation type who owned it. Maybe this is his way of making amends 🙂 I eat KFC… A lot. And I found the dancing Colonel quite funny 🙂

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