who cares

ever go read your own blog? cruise through the archives, the lovely comments, the joy and the fundamental interconnectedness of all things? the words?

i just did that. i did just that. selfish as it may seem (selfishness is far underrated, no doubt about that).

all i can say is, who cares if i’m fat, i rock. i’ve been putting my heart and soul in this thing, and it’s all there. and it’s not all good, but it is amazing. no, yes, it is all good. fuck me gently with a chainsaw, i love this blogging.

17 thoughts on “who cares

  1. i sometimes reread my own weblog just to see where all the time went. some of the thigs written there, i can’t believe i wrote. amybe it’s all a conspiracy, somebody else writing them and making me remember writing them.

    yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. kd, you always rock.
    and i read my archives too – helps me keep things in perspective.
    i dunno what idiot decided to make the word “selfish” totally a negative thing – it’s good to be a little selfish – to spend time figuring things out, to know what makes you happy and unhappy.
    you have my blessing to go be selfish – but focus on the happy parts….

  3. well, selfish maybe isn’t the best word, more like self-indulgent? because you know, not only do i read my archives, but i really entertain myself! which seems strang to me for some reason.

    and hypertext is a great format for a scrapbook.

  4. yes, i go back and read my blog. there are some things in my archives that i’m proud of. there’s also a lot of mediocrity (which i despise in myself). the comments are wonderful and i am amazed that there are folks who actually come and read my drivel.

    but, one of my goals is to make this thing called a weblog something for my kids to have when i die; a testament to my life, and to theirs.

    i’m in the process of making all my internal links relative so that a web coder could easily put my weblog on a CD for my kids to look at as part of the old man’s legacy.

    is this sane?

  5. When I go back and read old posts, I feel really embarrassed. They all stink. Maybe that means I’m getting better. That or my life has gotten more interesting.

  6. yes, it’s all good. checking out one’s previous entries gives you a sense of where you’re going, and the ability to learn from your past mistakes….to blog is to live….

  7. excellent idea, ruminator! but i’m pretty sure that i DON’T want my kids to read my drivel. at least not the older one – i get enough criticism as it is.

    oh wait– i’ll be dead by then.

  8. kay-deee, kay-deee, tell me your answer do. I’m HALF crazy – all for the love of you. da, dee, dee, dee, dee ‘arriage – I can’t afford a carriage – but you’ll look sweet – upon the seat of a motorcycle built for TWO!!!

    thank you, thank you, thank you.
    all apologies to the author (long dead, no doubt) of katie, katie,

  9. I only reread things I have writen when forced at knife point. You are a better soul than I. But you do rock. I have trouble believing you are fat. You have an exquisite soul…

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