zero caffeine day

sometime after three a.m., i went to bed. slept solid, got up eight thirty, took to the couch with two sunday papers, and proceeded to nap on and off most of the day. this meant i was off the computer most of the day, and had i been on it, i would have felt guilty for not attending to some overdue tasks at hand, namely the sheaf of complicated paperwork that sat, untouched, on the coffee table not one foot from my head all day. napping was a different matter – you can need sleep, but needing to surf forty-leven blogs is far less reason to put things off. i had no coffee at all, didn’t even want it (maybe i didn’t want to be so awake i’d have to choose between the internet and the paperwork). however, i seriously doubt i needed that many naps. and now i’m finally mostly awake, seven something p.m.

so i’ve just now given myself one more day for this project. and, sadly, the web projects i’ve been putting off are now slated for next weekend. and, amazingly, i still have a few beers left in the twelvepack i bought some three days ago, weekend or no weekend, i’ve been kinda … quiet.

and i need to catch up on all my blogreading now. a whole day!

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