alien brainsuckers

i feel their tender tentacles exploring the luscious curves of my scalp, undulating with gentle menace as they part my hair, sucking, sucking, intent on evacuating the contents of my cranium. i offer little resistance, bemused as i am by the whole parasitic paradigm. eep. did i just say paradigm?

they got me.

i got nothin’.

no, that’s not true. i do have something, and this, apparently, is what i have.

12 thoughts on “alien brainsuckers

  1. Oh, man… Sonny and Cher meet Nancy, the salt creature (The Man Trap) from Star Trek TOS’s first season.

    kd, you are wonderfully strange…

  2. at least i didn’t call them alien spiders. then we’d all REALLY be itchy. i get itchy just thinking about spiders [shudder]

  3. Would someone please deal with that straight line before I am forced to?


    Hurry, it’s been there for hours and hours.

    …and I just keep checking back.


  4. My oh-so-heelarious Dad used to put his hand spayed out on the top of my head and say “It’s a brain-sucker, and it’s staaaarving!!!” It was a real ho-haw, ya know?

  5. no sir. my boobs don’t have minds of their own, in spite of the fact that they’re bigger than my head. well, i don’t think so, but every time my daughter sees me she makes some kind of comment like “no fair! those are bigger than your head!”.

    they’re really not as big as all that.

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