all alone is all we are


stayed up way late with the melly, making it happen over at newness out of the old, and a fresh start. stylesheets and templates, reconstructed out of not much. there was collaboration, there was cohesiveness, there was connection. she did lots of it, she’s good. she hopped right on into the templatey goodness and together we made it mostly as it was. and now, there is melly back online. far from fixed, of course, but it is on its way. subsidiary pages will give you some broken links, but the basic blog is bloggable.

we may be born alone, and die alone, but we can live together. we can.

14 thoughts on “all alone is all we are

  1. Wow, I’m impressed. You guys are good. I keep all of my stuff backed up. I’ve had too many hard drives crap out on me over the years.

  2. kd – you are wonderful 😀 There’s been a lot of writing lately about the bad stuff on the internet – you are the best of the internet. You Rock! (as you yanks say!)

  3. you know, we’d make a cute couple — rather laurel and hardyish in appearance, except, you know, we’re girls. but anyway.

  4. aww, c’mon you guys — i did this for purely selfish reasons. i personally need to read melly every day, so, well, i did what i had to do.

    just imagine not…

    no, don’t think like that. she’s back. that’s what’s important.

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