apparently i’m gay

well this was the conclusion we reached last night. he says he’s read all this here, and the comments and he knows. i tried to explain that for the most part we (bloggers) kid around alot and in r/l we’re probably extremely introverted and reserved and also there’s this great tendency for girls to flirt with girls these days, even the straight ones. and of course there’s that recent phenomenon of lesbian chic, and all these girls going on about other hot girls. and, well, angelina jolie, ok? and, and, oh, never mind, you get the idea.

he tells me all women are bisexual, except for the ten percent that are completely gay. he claimed that he’s personally to blame for that ten percent. i tried to tell him he was not single-dickedly responsible for all lesbianism, but he disagreed.

and that is all you will hear from me about the rest of the story from yesterday, last night in particular.

it’s going to be ok. believe that.

trust me. everything is wonderful now.

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