been thinkin’

you know, the blogathon, right? well, not only did they at one time propose that BlogCon 2002 be sort of an afterparty for the ‘thon, but they also support some great causes. each blogger chooses a cause.

if i were to blogathon (i.e., post an entry every half hour for 24 hours starting 28 jul 02), i would do so in support of the electronic frontier foundation, because they are fighting for our freedom, and they oppose some very wealthy bad things.

so, if, say, i were to sign up, would anybody be willing to sponsor me?

it’s just a thought.

14 thoughts on “been thinkin’

  1. For how much? And can anyone participate? I’m very sure I could pull 24 hours of my usual insanity… I’d even post more frequently than every 30 minutes!

  2. mr. file13, dude, go visit that site. you can so do this. i think people can sponsor you for whatever amount, if you do 48 posts in 24 hours, half hour at a time.

    pick your own cause, or support mine, it’s a good one. pretty sure any amount.

    i can’t give much cash to charities. mostly, i give quarters to bums who ask relatively nicely.

    this is what i can do. i can totally blog my ass off. for a good cause.

  3. Technically, one wouldn’t have to sit at the computer for 24 hours. One *could* write a little auto posting bot. One could prepare a text file containing 48 or so previously crafted posts.

    Then again, that would spoil the spontaniety and quirkiness of such a project.

    Oh right, this is for charity. Nevermind.

  4. Hey, I would fork over some George Washington’s to the EFF too. I’ve actually sent them a few bucks in the past. You never know when the RIAA will raid your Mac and find 20 Gigs of MP3’s. Honest, they’re for research only.

  5. yeah, Dan, it kinda is, but i know the last, say four or five hours would get fairly interesting.

    it would be more like a coffee night than a beer night. would rockstar energy drinks be cheating? those things… well, they rock, is what they do.

  6. I could definitely support you in this, kd. I’m not sure how much I could pledge, but I would definitely be willing to pledge something.

  7. That’s a great choice for a charity. I’d definitely sponsor you!!!

    Maybe someone will do the Blogathon for ShaveHoopty. Hmmmmmmm…

  8. I think that’s a great idea, KD. And the guys at EFF will love it, too! Should I mention it, or do you want to think on it some more?

  9. i’m totally going to do it. definitely. i mean, who better to stay up all night on the computer?

    they don’t even have the signup part done on the blogathon, but it’s all getting going in the next few weeks. this is kinda exciting!

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