big, sloppy lip prints on the monitor

so, i’m on the project. on it i tell you. and it’s requiring some creative laziness — what is the easiest way i can make this easy to do and furthermore easy to update when the inevitable change requests come?

and the more i play with the more advanced features of movable type, the more i am moved to spontaneously say ‘i love you’ to no one in general and ben and mena trott in particular. and at least once, with nothing else handy to act as the object of my adulation, i leaned forward and gave the monitor, glowing with this templatey goodness, a big wet kiss.

yes, i’m a freak.

20 thoughts on “big, sloppy lip prints on the monitor

  1. Awww, she smooched me!
    See, usually it’s the other hardware that gets all the love – now I’m all shy…
    I love you too kd!
    *attempts to put little hearts and flowers on screen but software suspects a virus and disallows it*
    Oh drat.

  2. Yes- Ben and Mena Trott are gods. Everytime I install MT for someone, I tell them to send a donation to them. And, everytime I dig into the code and mess around with it, I’m continually impressed with how sensible it seems and how much I learn as a result. They rock… MT rocks.

  3. Back a-WAY from the monitor… slowly… no sudden movements… let go… LET GO of the DAMN monitor!!!

    There. Now don’t you feel not so… creepy?


  4. oh no, i’m nowhere NEAR as advanced as the MT goddess! ya know, i’m thinking you should offer MT classes via chat – with ben and mena’s ok, of course… wouldn’t that be fun?

  5. I have massive MT-envy, because my dumb ISP won’t install DB_file.


    By the way, is there a big smoochy kissmark on your monitor?


  6. well, i don’t know if advanced was the right word — but using the MT interface to make custom templates and using the includes and oh! that ‘attach this template to a file’? totally rocks. that way you can have template modules that work across multiple logs.

    you can literally construct and maintain a whole site using nothing but MT.

  7. and the custom variables. not sure i have the use for them but i’m trying.

    lavonne, you’re pretty advanced with the MT and your multiple logs on the same page. this isn’t much beyond that, really.

  8. Hey how come I don’t get more smooching?
    I do my best to be a good and thoughtful monitor!
    *blinks hopefully at kd*

  9. aww, sweety. i’ve just been so busy lately. smoochies all over ya! such a nice monitor. i think about how nice you are all the time, really.

  10. oh kd, please, do an MT tip-of-the-day feature. i want to know how to automatically make a popup window for an image, but i don’t want it to bring up the image, i want it to bring up an html page that contains the image, so i can control the formatting of the image (no margins).

    i know i should read the manual but hey, isn’t this what friends are for?

  11. use the ‘upload image’ feature. you can pick what directory you want these images and image pages to go in — i have one i call ‘pics’ off the site directory — then say upload. then choose “popup image” and say “show me the HTML” and it will give you a pre-coded popup window.

    this feature can also be used when adding images to templates — it’s always over there in the left side of your MT (if you have 2.0. you should have 2.0).

    MT can be used to create and maintain an entire site, all by itself.

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