blogging: the extra memory module

Leia has a great idea: she started a separate journal, mostly for her own reference, called frontal lobe, in which she records the minutiae of her days, for future reference.

of course in my case this might get a little difficult — what with the milk left out on the counter and the car keys in the freezer. i forget more than can be solved by blogging, but if i can figure out a way to implement some bloggy sort of extra memory module, well, that will be cool.

4 thoughts on “blogging: the extra memory module

  1. If you figure out a memory module I can just plug into my head, I would really appreciate you fed-exing me one…. Remind me to remind you to do that.

  2. that is a cool idea. but my problem is i’m already running 47 websites, so recording minutiae would be the same thing as uploading my history file.





  3. Sometimes I use a digital voice recorder to record my thoughts as I walk. Then I plug it into a speech-recongition engine and it mangles my thoughts completely.

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