“Childless women may get turned on by the scent of another woman breast-feeding. Scientists in Chicago asked young mothers to wear pads in their bras and under their armpits. Other women who then sniffed them reported increased sexual desire. Experts say the smell may be an evolutionary signal from one woman to another that it is a good time to reproduce.” – ananova

boobies smell nice.

[via quiddity]

11 thoughts on “boobies!

  1. a woman breastfed in the seat next to me on an intercontinental flight once. i’m afraid i didn’t get turned on, but i was *very* impressed. it should be that acceptable everywhere!

  2. and the girls comment and the guys are … speechless? shy? not interested in boobies anymore? freaked out by the topic of boobies as food? hmm?

  3. Okay, I’ll take it:

    Out of respect and awe for the entire concept of nurturing the young, I sit in silence and merely contemplate that which we yearned for when we were young. …and again when we are not so young.

    Boobies are good.

  4. Well this explains a lot. It’s probably good that it isn’t a big turn on to men ’cause then all the other males in the tribe would be trying to jump on a nursing mom. But I wonder whether the smell of the pits of a non-nursing mom would also be a turn-on to childless (or other) women. That’s the experiment I’m waiting for.

  5. does seem like a good idea, all pheremone-y and stuff as it must be.

    and you know, i’ve tasted the milk. it’s just lovely. just… lovely.

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