chasing the sunset

i almost made it. i drove a little bit fast as the light faded, remembered the restaurant with the view on san jon road. zipped up the steep, wide driveway, stopped the car at the dead end of the street and hopped out (there she is, still running, with ‘my woman from tokyo’ blasting out of the open door). and here is the sky, not quite what i’d hoped to capture, the brilliant pinks barely visible (see the teeny moon-sliver?).

i had forgotten about the restaurant on the hill — usually i go all the way downtown, and sunsets can be missed just dealing with parking.

i’ll remember that deadend road, next time i’m out chasing me some sky.

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those of you yearning for the melly may find here here, with a rousing account of her wild night out last night.

9 thoughts on “chasing the sunset

  1. i would like to make a note about my pictures — i don’t photoshop. i don’t crop. i reduce them by half, optimize for web, and upload. no twidgeting with them.

    i’m like some kind of weird digicam purist or something. and i have an old, used, olympus camedia d340r.

    and i give you what it gives me, such as it is.

    i love my digicam.

  2. Well, thank you for giving. It is always interesting to see what others view in their daily lives. It makes me appreciate things more. Beautiful sunset.

  3. Mike — do they have different color (those are actually on the back of the car) taillights, or headlights, in the UK? it’s law here, we have to have only red lights on the back, though now there are people with weird bright bluish headlights.

    and, say-say? the only time i’m up to see the sunrise is if i’ve forgotten to go to bed.

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