have you ever been so tired you lay down and that very second felt the waves of drowsy physically move through you? settled into the sofa so fast it felt like destiny as you released your grasp of what’s real? moments later a sound directed right at you (child perched on arm of couch, leaning over precariously to observe your reaction as he asks if you’re asleep) actually tickles? have you ever been tickled (almost but not quite) out of unconsciousness by a small voice?

i have. happened today around seventhirtyish. mostly (brain)dead all day, then that sudden gravity storm just laid me out. i just got heavy and went right out, well mostly out, living room naps are what they are, in between the nickelodeon on tv on one end and the flash/shockwave computer game going on the other. i tuned out the audio portion of the multimedia and focused on the child fingers clicking and tapping keys. i know i was half dreaming (or hallucinating) but without continuity, so no memory could emerge intact from it. i was quite literally out of my head. and it was just lovely.

i’m much better now.

7 thoughts on “exhaustion

  1. Hello? Is that kd? …or an imposter!

    I mean, “advocating sleep” and all; I just didn’t expect that from ‘the real kd’.

    More likely you’d send me a link to a discussion that I’ve been reading instead of going to bed. …as you did <g>.

    Darn you…

  2. Yes, yes, yes. I’ve been so tired that I can be sitting, doing something and feel myself fall asleep and jerk back awake at the same second.

  3. just pull more than half an allnighter of serious production webwork (big brain-drain) with a fierce deadline looming, sleep restlessly for a few hours, and get up before you normally would even if you hadn’t. then stay up all day. sleep deprivation is a potent hallucinogen.

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