my son is in the next room. i haven’t gone to look just recently, but from the sounds of things he’s running really fast across the room and launching himself at the wall. i’m afraid to ask.

ahh, well, he just told his father: ‘i’m trying to put a hole in the wall’. no more power rangers for that kid.

i’ve worked harder on this project today than i have on anything for a long time. even work. i’ve struggled with it, but i’m past most of the major hurdles and have only a few more things to do. if only i could give you a link to it, it might make up for the lack of content, eh?

it’s been a lovely day in the land of MT templates, though. exploring the features of this software — just good fun. (back to work with me now)

12 thoughts on “filler

  1. tease! i demand a link!

    i’ve been trying to focus on a new site design on and off all day. i haven’t been having much luck. i’m glad to know that you have had a productive day.

  2. Waiting is…,
    obligatory Heinlein quote for times like this.

    Brandy, you’re just going to have to start reading the stuff<g>…

  3. well, i’ve done what i can do with what i was given, for now. now, i just have to wait till the folks that envisioned all this think that my implementation matches what they had in mind. i have terrible fears that it won’t. you just never know.

    torn between blogsurfing and early sleep. [sigh]

  4. ummm… well, dan’s going to help her with all that, i’m going to make him up a test site of MT after i upgrade her to 2.0, which i was going to do in the morning. unless you think it’s an emergency. i’m so tired.

  5. Not an emergency! Tina’s viewed one proof of concept and I’ll have another shortly for her. No rush; we’ll get her new spring look up!

  6. I am waiting to be upgraded to MT2 (Suey has been very busy lately) however I’m trying to find ways of updating my TripleB design…you know I get bored of designs every few months and MT makes them so changeable. This time I’m merely considering a new colourscheme however…any suggestions? I’m desperate for suggestions and aid. What do you think of the MSN site colourscheme? I like that blue. Or maybe an orange…I don’t know.

  7. oh yes — keep the kid on power rangers as long as possible. you don’t want to know what comes next: goosebumps, then animorphs, then harry potter [well, the last two are good, actually], then– gasp! MTV!!!!


  8. I’ve been messing with MT templates too all day. I never thought about launching myself into a wall, though. Maybe that would have helped… trouble getting mr. comment window to speak to mr. styleheet in Windows. Grrr.

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