for the melly

it’s going to take awhile to get all these things worked out. maybe a day, maybe two. in the meantime, without the melly to read, we might want to take time to reflect on how much we love to read her words, how many times we were deeply affected by her words.

this is rough for her. i say we stage a good old-fashioned love-in, either here in my comments, or blog about it and send me the link, i’ll keep a list here.

people who have blogged the love-in: mike of tripleB &#183 jessica of peace dividend &#183 let me know if you’ve done so, or, join in here…

melly rocks! discuss:

feel free to use the ‘mail this entry’ feature to spread the word. i’d do more word-spreading myself, but i’m frightfully busy.

11 thoughts on “for the melly

  1. Quoted from my site;

    “I personally feel more than slightly guilty for the fact that, 4 months ago, when the big event that was the birth of her little sprog, I didn’t achnowledge it [in TripleB]. It was quite an event for bloggers too, as the newspaper article discusses, because she blogged the full way through her pregnancy and has been posting ickle babby photos since the birth.

    That and she’s started writing blog entries in Mommy-to-baby-speak.”

    That is why Melly rocks!

  2. Gosh, of all days to have the site down…
    Maybe when things are up and ready the newspaper will add a little note in its text??
    Good Luck Melly and kd…you both can do it!!

  3. you know, Melly is the essecne of webgoddess – do you know that for approximately half of her time in labor, she was in the AIM? she kept saying, i don’t think this is it, but, it was.

  4. melly most definitely rocks. while i often miss a few days, i’m always amazed when i go catch up and discover yet more evidence of this girl’s incredible talent, humor and wisdom.

    sorry your site is down on today of all days, hon, but kd is the miracle worker. she will save the day!

  5. I’ve been trying to figure out where meely went, and now i kinow – melly, we miss you, come home when you are ready.

  6. I always get the feeling from reading Melly’s blog that I know her, actually know her. She has a way of conveying so much personality.

    That sounded wanky, didn’t it.

    Anyway, Melly rules.

  7. yes, yes she does. and her new URL is active and i’m up to my elbows in templates as we speak. daliy sardonicism lives!

  8. Oh man – I took the weekend off from the Web and I come back and Melly was gone. I panicked for about five minutes then found the right thread. I mean, what would I read when I don’t feel like working and I need a nice piece of irreverent funny commentary on the world. Thank god for Melly.

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