free range linklisting is a great site. the name alone… but it’s so much more than that. thanks to Rick’s generous nature and general all around code-godliness, i have added a feature to the sidebar that will let you add your own linkys to the list. i’m keeping the old one around for now, it’s totally in need of serious work, and so i invite you to test out my implementation of these cool cgi’s — over there, in the sidebar –> go now, add yourself. just for fun, even if you’re in the old-school list, and especially if you’re not.

c’mon, add your link.

21 thoughts on “free range linklisting

  1. Ooo, thank you for reminding me of technoerotica. Among other reasons, it was time for me to opt_out of banner ads and other atrocities again.

  2. when the list grows to unruly size, there is another indexing cgi that i’ll install, which will make five different alphabetic sections.

    this cgi does awesome stuff too — spiders the sites entered looking for porn phrases and emailing me if it finds them, rather than adding them, and i have an editing screen so i can fix stuff. it would also work as a mailing list but i have that separate, lower down on the page.

    i love good code.

  3. Good code is exciting, especially when I manage to write some that I’m actually happy with. Rare occurance. Some day my blog will be as neat as kd’s. Someday. Maybe.

  4. there are two linklists now. when you add yours it goes under “free range links” right near the “add your link” link in the sidebar.

    i moved them all up in the sidebar, because i’m all about the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.

  5. you come up with the neatest stuff (okay, so how old IS the moose, really? I mean “neatest”???) Heh!
    So – I did as asked and added a link just for the fun of it – pretty cool code, girl (there she goes again “cool” no less!)

  6. the neat-o code is a stopgap measure till i get the “fda approved” list into a nice, MySQL database, i’m not going to be adding anymore links to it.

    i love to link. love to read blogs, love the connections. i just have to use technology to be able to keep up with it all.

  7. every time i see Pete, ( i think it’s my Pete, and i’m like “dude, Pete, what are you doing here?” and then i have to mouse-over the link, to make sure it’s not an alternate Pete, and then it turns out to really be an alternate Pete. the end.

  8. To avoid all further confusion, I shall henceforth be known (at least in kd’s comment box) as “AlternatePete” as a courtesy to Bran… that should not prevent the rest of you from adopting me as your primary pete, however.

  9. That is soooo cool. You realize – I’m too lazy to put this kinda thing on my site – I’m still getting around to making rotating out of context quotes – but that I shall now have to use you as my portal to all blogs? Hey – this is all part of that nefarious plan of yours for world domination, isn’t it?

  10. Ok, I have a very dumb question (sorry). I have had a webPAGE for over a year, which now has a webLOG which is part of it, but a different URL. Which URL would I use if I ever decided to add my link?

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