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ok. now we know i love Movable Type, right? well. well. last night i installed this PHP/MySQL weblogging software called b2. it’s the one davezilla uses. i actually did finally get it installed after a lengthy struggle. but i could not login. and i was tired. and it was like three or something, so i went to bed. had a dream that dave barry’s wife was pregnant. and i was thinking, my god he’ll be 85 when that kid graduates high school. apparently i can’t do math in my dreams. he’d only be like seventy-something.

anyway where was i? oh right. so i had this humongous MySQL error so i figured i should go back and read the instructions. nothing about that there. so i went to the boards and surfed the myriad ‘login error’ posts and lo and behold. my server does not support the md5() command! it was a simple edit that i was able to edit and… it worked! it freakin’ worked!

at this point i leapt up from my chair and danced around the kitchen. my son was understandably concerned, and urged me to check out the power rangers site he was surfing instead, since whatever i was doing had me acting so psycho.

i had to take a little walk around the house to catch my breath. i’m still trembling just a little. oh man. that was good.

anyway, plans on world domination now include a MySQL database.

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ohmygod. i just discovered that b2 works with wapblogger. i could blog from my cell phone. i think i’m going to cry.

and then get to work on installing it for this blog here. god yes.

19 thoughts on “geek moment

  1. so like, is this something i can do? or would want to do? since i don’t have a freaking cell phone?

    my dream is to blog by email, just because i’m so damn lazy.

  2. Okay, I have no clue what you are saying here, but I still find it extremely sexy! Can I be at least be a geek minion in the new world order?

  3. suzy: of course, the new world order is very user friendly.

    lavonne: i still have to set it up on dot com, it’s on dot net’s servers right now. once i get that done, i’ll let you know.

  4. I’m too lazy to try it (yup, really, that lazy) but allegedly you can blog via email with blogger pro. I suppose I should try it and then i could tell you if it worked. 😉

  5. I got so distracted I forgot to ask for a full report on your b2 adventures. Lazy and a short attention span. Bad combination, but my inertia keeps me out of (too much) trouble.

  6. it rocks. it rocks so hard. oh my. i have already installed another copy (the second time goes so smoothly!) and i could install this thing all day.

    it’s so customizable — i can’t really do too much to MT because i’m not a Perl programmer.

    PHP, now, well, i have a book on it. and techincally i have a job working with it, only i’ve been faking it pretty much. now, i’ll have all this to learn from.

    i am so excited about this.

  7. kd?

    This is totally off-topic, but. I LOVE DOT NET. I LOVE MT. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT.

    I love it so much that I must use the DREADED CAPS LOCK KEY to express my love.

    I’m so lame that I don’t know how to move stuff over all at once and so have been moving the Web over to Dot Net one… post… at… a… time.


  8. as i look at this b2, i’m thinking that for the most part the ease of templating and the fact you can manage almost a whole site in it, makes MT still the best choice as far as ease of use.

    also, i’m pretty sure google can’t search a dynamically generated site.

    MT is still quite lovable.

    all the good toys. they are all so lovely.

  9. Well, I know zero about b2, but PHP and MySQL ROCK! I love them. I want to use them for stuff. At work, I use them, but its easy to find uses for it there, for accessing the company’s databases and presenting data to the employees like any other application. Finding uses for it on the blog has so far escaped me. But it IS great.

  10. right. exactly what I would have said, were I at all familiar with anything at all about computers and programming.

    anyway, so you’re saying that you are actually going to abandon mt, after being it’s number one lover? is that right, to divorce so soon? shouldn’t you like, maybe, go to therapy with mt first?

  11. no, i am sticking with MT for the ease of templating and the fact i have it working so well. b2 is perfect for the latest project though, because it allows people to register and then an admin can make them active members if they desire to join. kind of an easier collaboration thingy.

    ooh! and it’s going to have automatic smileys too! as soon as i finish messing with this hack.

  12. Just had a few comments on b2. I use it to manage my entire site, and it works great. I can’t compare it ro mt, I was never able to get it up and running on my server :'(. Well Google does cache dynamic pages, my site is cached for sure, and it also supports post via email, although this is still in development. Well just wanted to let you all know this!

  13. yeah, well, who knew? it was a good thing i found that on the boards. otherwise i’d be all, huh?

    hey, i’d bitch at my hosts but everything else is all good, so, i try to make do.

  14. kd, would you like to come over and network my computers, then install some shit for me? I know you would. Spankings and beer for your service…

  15. hrm. it seems i can’t keep up with you, miz thang’. i just caught the MT bus, and now you’re moving on to b2 already? *shakes head* so much for keeping up with the kd’s.

    congrats, chica. 🙂

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