good morning

last night, in a fit of whimsy, i posted a link to metafilter. and, it worked out rather well, proving, anything can happen.

also, batgrl and i made ourselves at home at Jon’s place, and we only set a little fire.

it was a good night.

i’m not quite awake yet, but then again my body probably still thinks it’s an hour ago, so, no complaints.

and how is your monday?

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13 thoughts on “good morning

  1. You and batgrl had me in stitches over that fire. It was truly inspired. I do believe that batgrl needs to be inducted into the brigade.

  2. I started giggling while I watched the fire. Then I read the Peeps page and had to loudly cough to cover up the hysteria. I AM AT WORK! Woman, you really should have some sort of warning system set up!

  3. i don’t know. i thought you were gonna ditch those things. *shudder* whatever you do DON’T LISTEN TO THEM WITH A HANGOVER! it could cause your head to implode.

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