ok. so i noticed that b2 has this GM import function. so i decided to see if i could do the dreamlog. what the heck, right? so i installed another copy of the b2, and launched the import function.

i put in the paths. i clicked ok.


that was beautiful. it was so beautiful. oh my god. it just imported all the authors and the posts and the comments. in like three seconds.

now i need to go compose myself. this was just a bit much.

7 thoughts on “holyfreakincrap

  1. incedentally if you are a dreamlog author, go login and play. i’m not kidding. this b2 rocks my entire world. and then some. it rocks … so hard.

  2. Never mind, my work frazzled mind finally cottoned onto the ‘login’ bit and I eventually remembered my password.

    Still, I think MT remains my blogware of choice

  3. well, i’m so conflicted right now. i mean, i love MT. i love the easy templates, for being so easy and all.

    but the power of MySQL and PHP — now, that’s something that just appeals to me so. *sigh* and i’ve had such fun importing GM sites, if there was already a slick thing for importing MT i’m afraid you’d be looking at me on b2 today. it’s just hard to resist.

    i still love MT. i still do love MT. but. but.

  4. What is this b2 thing, who made it? God?? ;o] It seems to be some sort of blogsystem where there’s no one over and no one beside it.

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